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When you plant greenery, you don't have to worry about

moving the plant. We'll plant in a way that will eliminate

the need to relocate your plant due to existing structures.


years of experience

Trust the experts at Busy Beaver Tree Service. Call now!

Reasonable rates for planting services

Not only will you be saving money with our reasonable

rates, but also you'll be benefitting from our over 20 years

of industry experience! Let the experts do your planting

- call now!

Get a FREE estimate for your planting

Unsure of how much it's going to cost to plant new greenery

on your property? Give Busy Beaver Tree Service a call

and we'll provide you with a FREE estimate!

You've cleared the land and trimmed the trees - now plant some new greenery to freshen up your property! Call Busy Beaver Tree Service today!

Refresh your property with plants

570-333-4478 | Wyoming Valley

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